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Water sommelier?

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The title water sommelier may sound somewhat strange. But also here the stength of water is recognized. Water is not only acknowledged for its caring function for the human body … it is also characterised by its surprisingly wide range of tastes. The taste of water, as it is the also the case with wine, is greatly determined by the soil that it is feeding her. The many minerals it contains are responsible for the taste sensations.

There is of course much more to water than only its albeit appreciated tastes. That specific waters are perfectly suitable for pregnant and breast-feeding women has been known for ages. We are far less familiar with the added value it has to offer the feasting table. Serving another water with the aperitif or digestif may seem unusual to many people … but will prove very worthwile!

Your water sommelier will be your cristalclear guide along these gentle thirst-quenchers.